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Hold the phone pt 2
Instead you ask:
"What are their names?" 
For a second he doesn't respond and you don't think he heard you. You did have a rather soft voice, perhaps you should speak a little louder? He finally looks up just as you consider the thought.
"Parsley, Sage and Rosemary."
You smile again. Such cute names!
"How lovely! They must be angels!"
Mr. Capoe grunts.
"Devil's more like it. What's the name of yours?"
You pause.
"Sir Bartholomew."
His face goes blank and he nods but you can tell something went on in his mind just then.
"Interesting title."
He looks as if he was going to ask another question but then your younger sister, Ismene runs toward your table.
She pulls you into a hug. 
"It's sooo good to see you!"
You're surprised by her sudden pleasantness and so you say nothing.
"Reminisce?" Your older sister, Korea looks surprised to see you. You smile tightly. Korea had blossomed even more into a beautiful rose of a woman compared to the last time you saw he
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Just a dream...
It was a beautiful performance.
-So Captivating!
-So breathtaking!
I was so fixated on watching her dance I almost forgot to breathe.
To think that there was someone so talented enough to perform a pas de deux without a partner... I was envious. Envious that someone could be that brilliant, when I would never get the chance to be something like that ever again. 
Still, I applaud her nonetheless.
She stops dancing when she sees me, a young girl my age with white hair, white skin and pale grey irises.
"You can see me?" 
I stop clapping when she says this. 
It was as if I had come to all my senses just then because I realized where we were and what she was dancing on; The railing of a bridge. 
The railing of a ... 
"Are you crazy?! You should get down from there!"
She cocks her head at me curiously before twirling to sit down facing me.
"Why? Because it's dangerous?" She says this in a playful tone.
I glare at her. Mockery was something I had very low tolerance fo
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Mature content
Unveil: Prologue :iconbiancabluechild:biancabluechild 0 0
Hold the phone pt 1
The day started with a noise.
A vibration, that woke up your brown tabby kitten, which you had dubbed Sir Bartholomew, leaps aboard your dresser and smacks the noisy device off. It falls to the floor, the ground making contact with the volume button.
You wake up immediately. The first thing you see as you lay on your side is your tabby leaping off the dresser to attack your phone. You stretch as you sit up and look around your room dully. It was small, a perfect cube of a room that felt like a prison at times, though you loved it's simplicity and limited size which often provoked wise thought as to how to conserve maneuvering space.
The alarm buzzes it's way into your thoughts and you reluctantly budge. The second your foot touches the ground you fall to your knees and sit. 
Sir Bartholomew pushes the phone towards you with his paw, giving you a pleading look to silence the noisy contraption. You do so by tapping the dismiss button on the touch screen. Instant Silence.
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All my damuro paint doodles


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Check out Zazzle for some of my merch! Most of the items here are over $15 bucks just to warn you. There's not much I can do about the price okay? :) Still, I'd be happy if you guys at least bought my buttons- those are cheap about $3-4 if I recall?…

Check out Zazzle for some of my merch! Most of the items here are over $15 bucks just to warn you. There's not much I can do about the price okay? :) Still, I'd be happy if you guys at least bought my buttons- those are cheap about $3-4 if I recall? 


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I was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I moved around a bit. Don't really wanna dive into details. On you can find me there by the username Grien. I frequent there a lot out of all the other sites beside and


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